At the Help Shoppe we take our passion for helping others and combine it with what we’ve learned in our professional work experience to curate products and resources in meaningful and valuable ways.

We are aspiring entrepreneurs who want to help change the world. We have a long way to go but it’s an exciting and rewarding path to be on. Our projects will focus on the three areas described below.

We’d love to connect. Find us on Twitter or feel free to contact us directly if you have any feedback.

Quality of Life

We made our first project The Help Shoppe COPD about curating products and resources to help people manage COPD and find ways to improve their quality of life. We’re planning more projects that will do the same for people living with other chronic disease and disabilities.


Children’s Education

We’re passionate about systems thinking and critical thinking and we’re working on curating products that will teach these concepts and strengthen the skills required to use them every day. We think the best place to start is with our children and find fun ways to enhance these skills within their education.

Injury Prevention

Everyone deserves to be safe. Whether at work, at play or at home. It is estimated that each year over five million people die due to injuries worldwide and millions more are seriously harmed. Injuries resulting from traffic collisions, drowning, falls, burns, poisoning and violence are a threat to public health and safety in every country. We want to help prevent injuries by curating high quality safety products.


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